Acknowledging boundaries

Get consistency back in your μServices architecture: the best way to reduce complexity in a μServices architecture is to embrace boundaries. You'll see how to do it with the help of proper design and a good type system.

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TDD as in Type-Driven Development

Test-Driven Development is widely accepted as good practice. But can we do better? By specifying your program's behaviour with types, you can go a very long way, with more confidence and with less hassle than with tests.

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Functional patterns for scala practitioners

Scala, by being both Functional and Object-Oriented is easy to get started with, especially for java developpers. However, to get the most of the language, you have to embrace its functional nature.

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Algebraic Data Types for fun and profit

Algebraic Data Types (ADTs) are a powerful tool to model your domain.Moreover, they share interesting properties with additon and multiplication (hence their name).

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Beyond flux: going full cycle with FRP

React and flux have given us the single direction rendering loop. When you've started to follow this path, there's no going back. Using observables allow you to go one step further.

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Tips and tricks for clean (relational) DB schemas

Relational DBs are great at what they do. If you're going to use them for persitence, use them correctly, and don't use tools which only goal is to hide them from you.

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Purescript, des sensations pures

Dans le monde du compile-to-js, il y a des langages proches (genre coffeescript), et des langages qui vont un peu plus loin (genre typescript). Et puis il y a purescript. Ce soir, on verra le pourquoi et le comment, avec la bibliothèque halogen, qui permet de créer des applications/interface graphiques.

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Rust: are web web yet?

Rust is touted for systems programming, but there are web stacks available: iron, nickel, rouille, now rocket. Web dev in rust, is it doable yet?

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Systemd: why use it? How does it work?

After some heat, systemd has replaced initd in many GNU/Linux distros. Why? Is it hard to write a systemd config file? How does it work? How do you replace cron?

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